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Java, Vi - how to use vim on intellj IDEA


To use the vim mode on Intellij IDEA, you should use a VIM plugin as follows:


  1. Launch the Intellij IDEA
  2. Select IntelliJ IDEA > Preferences on the menu bar
  3. Select Plugin on the Preferences window
  4. Click the Install JetBrains Plugin… button
  5. Type IDEAVim in the search box on the top of the Browse JetBrains Plugin window
  6. Select IDEAVim on the list and click the Install button.
  7. Close all open windows and restart the IntellJ IDEA
  8. You should see the Tool > Vim Emulator (Enabled) on the menu bar

Shortcut Configuration

  1. File > Settings
  2. Other Settgins > Vim Emulation
  3. Set Every Handlers as IDE

Let’s enjoy vim!

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